fandango salon

After 17 years with Fandango Salon, our amazing owner, Barbara, has decided to take a new path. She will be concentrating on her artistry as a hairdresser and on her clients.

So as of February 16th, Fandango Salon will close its doors here and reopen on Tuesday, February 20th, in her new studio at Salon Republic: 6370 W Sunset Blvd Suite 606, Los Angeles, CA 90028 in the Arclight Hollywood Complex. For all of Barb's clients, your appointments will remain the same as will the phone number. Barb is excited to see you at her new location.

We will keep you updated with the status of the rest of the crew as they let us know where their new path will take them.

We want to thank everyone for having made all of this possible with your loyalty and support. Thank your allowing our team to provide you with excellent service.