Archived Posts – March, 2014

Next Up…

What Goes In The Ocean Goes In You April is right around the corner which also means it’s Earth Month! For the past several years we have partnered with Aveda and the Surfrider Foundation to raise money to help keep our local beaches and waterways clean. Each year we have found ways to increase the amount of money we have raised, and this year will be no different. We have held raffles, garage sales, bake sales, cut-a-thons and participated in beach clean ups over the years as ways to help raise awareness and money for the Surfrider Foundation, because we really believe in them and the work that they do. Check back here soon to see what we have planned for Earth Month 2014! For more information on the great work that the Surfrider Foundation does here locally and around the world check out
Surfrider Foundation

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Special Thanks


This special thanks is overdue, but the folks here at Fandango just want to give a shout out to everyone that came out this past weekend to help with the move. So without further ado, Fandango wants to say thank you to Jeff and Dorothy; we appreciate the manpower they provided. Thank you to Caitlyn Bove, for volunteering to help with the move. Thank you to Amy Layman and Evelyn Henn for providing their great strength and wits! Also, a very special shout out to one of the greatest neighbors, Cristina, for providing the many boxes that were necessary to make the move faster.Last but definitely not least, a special thanks to Allen for without him most of the three day move would not have been as easy. Fandango is very appreciative of all the support it has received!

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Open For Business!

Our New Location!
We’ve moved into our new location and we’re loving it! Come on by and see it for yourself!

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New Location

Starting Tuesday,March 18, we will be open for business at our new location at 4312 Sunset Blvd. Stop by to see the new shop and say hello! We’re excited to welcome everyone to our new home!

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One Last Time?

Don’t forget that this weekend (Sat 3/15 and Sun 3/16) we are moving to our new location!!! That means we’ll be closed as we set up the new shop and empty out the old one over the weekend. Please book your appointments accordingly. Call 323-663-6965 now if you want to get in for one last visit to our Griffith Park location before it’s gone!

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We’re Moving!!!

With so many changes happening to the neighborhood and the businesses surrounding us here in Sunset Junction, many of you have been wondering how it all affects the future of Fandango Salon. The changing local business climate has led us to reevaluate the viability of continuing to operate in our current location. With no assurance of a new long-term lease from our new landlord and a major rent increase in the short term, to continue in our present home would require us to implement major price increases and other drastic changes to the business that we felt would alienate our clientele. After much consideration, a change of scenery appeared to be our best option.

Fortunately, a new opportunity has presented itself that will allow us to continue to thrive in the Silver Lake area. We are thrilled to announce that as of March 15, 2014, Fandango Salon will be moving to our new home at 4312 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Our new location is only a half-mile west from our current location, just on the edge of Sunset Junction. You’ll find us sandwiched between our two great new neighbors Furthur and Grow Kid Grow. So fear not, yes we are moving, but not far at all from our current home. We can’t wait to have you stop by and see our new home! Continue to check this website, our Facebook page, and Instagram account for more updates and sneak peeks of the new space!

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