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One of the most helpful things you can do when you are about to try out a new style or cut is to show your stylist pictures of what you want. This will give them a better visual of what you are asking them to do. In turn, miscomunication can be reduced and the chance of better results increases. Not only that, but having a picture can be used as reference for what you want and what can actually be done. A good stylist should be able to replicate the haircut and style that you want in accordance to your hair characteristics.

shortgreen Take this picture for example. Here you can see that the cut, color and style has been replicated to suit her hair. The cut on both the model and client is very similar. They both have the short sides, both have the hair coming forward, both have the light hair, and both have the green color in the fringe area.

pinkinspiration In this picture, the client has used the hair model’s picture for hair inspiration as well. Although it is not an exact replica, the stylist has used the picture as a reference to cut, color, and style her client’s hair to suit the desired style to her client’s hair. Again, the major similarities can be seen here. Both have the sides cut short, the tops are colored, and the tops are longer with an edgy  style and feel to them.


Tara, one of our stylists, uses and encourages her clients and future clients to bring in pictures of what they want. She can then replicate the cut, color, and style so that it suits your hair needs and your lifestyle.

In case you were wondering…yes these are pictures from a real client who actually comes to Tara at Fandango. She is an actual client #nottakenfromtheinternet #realclient #hairspiration



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Notice of Filming

Greetings to all!

noticeoffilmingThis is just a notice for everyone who is near the area or is going to be around the area:

Filming will be going on this Tuesday, May 13, between the hours of 7:00 a.m and 10:00 p.m, and it will take place near 4321 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90029.

The crew will be parking on 1215 Bates Ave, Los Angeles CA 90029. 

So, watch out for potential parking and traffic situations!

P.S. This is for anyone who has an appointment this Tuesday; don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need help with directions or finding parking!

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Mother’s Day Weekend

mother'sdayAttention everyone! This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend! So treat your mother, or if you are one, treat yourself to some of Aveda’s Stress Fix line!

Not only that, but for all Pure Privilege members, this weekend is Double Points weekend! That means that you automatically get double the points on your retail purchase! You’ll be doing something nice for your loved one and get rewarded at the same time! So come on down this weekend whether you want to earn double points, buy something for mother’s day, or do both at the same time!


In the meantime here are “5 stress fix rituals to unwind your mind and body” by using Aveda’s stress fix line:

1.    Just Breathe

You can feel less stressed anytime, anywhere, by simply rolling stress-fix concentrate onto your inner wrists, bringing them to your nose, and breathing in the aroma. For deeper relaxation, do alternate nostril breathing

2.    Give your hands a break

To help release tightness caused by keyboarding AND texting, smooth stress-fix body crème or body lotion onyou hands and forearms, and use your thumb to massage the muscular area at the base of your other thumb.

3.    Save your neck

For every 90 minutes of sitting, do this for 1 minute:

  • Stand up and roll stress-fix concentrate over the back of your neck
  • Inhale while lifting your chin up to the sky, and exhale dropping your chin to your chest


4.    Treat your feet

Smooth stress-fix body crème or body lotion onto your foot and rotate the ankle 3 times in both directions

5.    Take sanctuary

Take a personal retreat form stress with 2 tablespoons of stress-fix soaking salts and a warm bath


(Today’s de-stressing tips were brought to you by Aveda’s Stress-Fix Line) 

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Pancake Breakfast in Atwater!

Speaking of pancakes!…..


For everyone out there reading this!

Whether you love pancakes, want to support a great organization, live by the area, or are looking for good breakfast deals this Saturday…come on down to the Wells Fargo bank parking lot located in Atwater!

The Griffith Park Lion’s club is having its 71st annual pancake breakfast. For just $5 you can have as many pancakes as you can eat! Also included in those $5, is a one time serving of eggs, sausage, and your choice between milk, coffee, or juice. All the proceeds go to the Lion’s club charitable work such as sight loss prevention programs, youth programs, and other services. There will be FREE eye testing, FREE balloon animals, and FREE face painting!


Head on down to 3250 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90039 for them cakes made in pans!

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Did someone say ANITA stylist?!


Image Credit:

(yes..that is a hair salon from back in the day)

 It’s important to have a regular go to salon and preferred stylist because by doing so it allows you to feel comfortable enough to ask for what you want without feeling guilty, yet know that you can trust them with any personal changes they might want to make to your hair. After all, there is someone entering your personal space and physically altering a part of your image. Anita, one of our experienced stylists, has been with Fandango for 12 years now. Quite honestly that’s a long time commitment! (some of us can barely complete a two year contract with the phone companies -_-) …Anyhow, with such a stable history as a stylist, she has come to learn several key concepts that exemplify a great stylist whom you can trust and whom you can have a great time with.

Upon entering Fandango Salon, Anita felt an immediate connection. Twelve years later, what is it about Fandango Salon that has stopped her from leaving? She answered with important concepts that one should take note of next time they’re in search of a salon or just re-evaluating their current salon.

  1. PERSONALITY- Anita likes that Fandango is alive. From the décor to the stylists and the overall atmosphere of the salon, there is personality and excitement that is reflected by all these elements.
  2. CATER TO CLIENTS- She also emphasized that genuinely caring about clients is what she looks for in a salon. So not only should your stylist care about you, but the overall salon should reflect a genuine effort to want to help you. Therefore, asking to change stylists should be an option available to you, should you need it or want it. Whether it is trying to accommodate you into the books or making sure you are comfortable, you should be displayed a form of care.
  3. STABILITY- Finally, Anita likes that there is a sense of stability in the salon. For example, the fact that Fandango is an Aveda concept salon, and thus will not be using any random line of hair products on you.


With many years working with hair, Anita has been able to build up a very loyal clientele because she takes time to relate to her clients on any level.  Whenever someone is looking for change, she makes sure to ask you what you DON’T want. This allows her to respect your needs and wants and that way she knows exactly what not to do, so that you can be satisfied with the results. Along with what you don’t want, she still thinks it is important to know what you do want, so that there is no miscommunication between you and her. She wants to make sure you will be satisfied with the results and have fun in the process of it!

There you go folks! This is just a glimpse of what’s to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more interesting hair news and any other relatable topics we come up with (like pancakes, yum!)!



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