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This is a quick announcement to everyone!

Our lovely Sandra is going out of town for a week, so Fandango wants to remind everyone who books with Sandra to call in for your appointments asap! She will be gone from Monday, November 3,  to Monday, November 11.  You can call to book your appointments for times before and after those days!

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Hairstyle Horror Nightmares!!!


Oh the woes of a terrible haircut or color job!!!! What is one supposed to do when such things are permanent for so long?!! Walking around with a terrible haircut that doesn’t make you feel good, or worse a color job that is just wrong in all ways!! Quite honestly it is a little embarrassing :(. It is ok tho! It is not the end of the world!..Phew!! Thank Goodness, although it might feel like it is for some of you >.<

Well, the following are tips for you to avoid such embarrassment and hopefully the world doesn’t end along the way!!!!

1) Whenever you are going to make a drastic change or any changes that you personally find are major, even tho they may seem small changes to others(That includes getting bangs), please do yourself a favor and call in for a CONSULTATION. This will help you feel more confident about what you are asking for. You will feel more at ease knowing that your hairdresser is on the same page as you. You can bring in pictures and discuss any ideas or concerns, so that any issues are better addressed. This is specially helpful when you are asking for a color service, as they will have a better idea on how long the process takes, the overall price, and you can plan accordingly!!!

2) Whenever you have an important event coming up and you need a touch up on your color or you need that trim to look extra good looking, BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE! This will,again, help you feel less stressed out about the whole situation! It will be one less thing you will have to worry about and hopefully the world will not end because you could not get into the salon!!!! JK .We recommend booking your appointment ASAP once you know when your event will be.

3) If possible, book your appointments for the whole year. This may seem like a bit too much for some people, and that is OK! I know some of you don’t like the commitment!! But why you should do this is because it almost guarantees that you will be looking fabulous throughout the year! It is much easier to cancel than to take chances and get in last minute! IT IS OK! We won’t get mad, you will not hurt our feelings! Maybe just a micro amount..BUT IT IS OK!

With all that being said….When making your appointment

1) Have your calendar out, whether an actual one or on the phone, so that you can see exactly when you will  have time to come in, instead of guessing. Also, so that you don’t forget your appointment!!!

2) Try and learn your hairdresser’s work days and hours, so you can plan accordingly

3) Allow room for plan B and possibly plan C; meaning-have back up days and times if the one day and time you want is not available

4) Don’t cut your own hair or try to do your own color out of desperation!!! (Unless you have done it previously and are certain about the results) It may end up costing more in the long run!


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The Three Amigos over here at Fandango, Furthur, and GrowKidGrow would like to announce a raffle giveaway!

Who: Fandango Salon, Furthur Furnitur, and GrowKidGrow

What: The winner gets a $25 gift certificate from Fandango, a $20 gift certificate from Furthur, and a $20 gift certificate from GrowKidGrow!

When: Thursday- November 20

Where: 4312 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029

Why: Because why  not?!!!

So stop by any of the three shops to buy your raffle ticket ($3 each ticket) and you can win a Grand Prize valued at $65!!!


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Annual Costume Swap at GrowKidGrow



This post is to help out all you lovely parents out there or anyone looking for children’s costumes in general. Our lovely neighbors over at GrowKidGrow are having their Annual Sidewalk Costume Swap on Oct. 19 from 11 am to 1:30 p.m. You basically bring in your child’s gently-used costume or costumes from prior years to exchange for a different, new-to-you costume!

It is such a beneficial event to attend too. Children grow out of their costumes so fast, that they are for the most part one time use only. Now if you can get them to use it more than once, well hats of to you!! Even after a second use, well now you have this costume just sitting there. It’s probably sitting in the back of the closet or in a box just taking up space and collecting dust! How about you get that gently used costume and bring it over and exchange it for another! You will be saving money and you will also be doing something really good for our little planet by recycling/repurposing!

The swap will include costumes sizes for infants through sizes 14/16 because you know what?! Children are in constant Grow Kid Grow mode! Constantly growing and changing!  For the  full details visit their website and Facebook page! You will find useful instructions and tips for the event! 



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