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Let’s just say if you live anywhere near or in the area, chances are, you too have been experiencing this hot muggy weather.

Monica says it all….oh the HUMIDITY!!!!!

Guess what tho, AVEDA just launched a super neat product to keep you looking sleek and frizz free all day, even in up to 85% humidity!

Smooth Infusion Styling CremeNO We are not trying to sell you their product, buuutttt we are saying that this a a really neat product if you want to fight frizz! 😀

This is a new addition to the Smooth Infusion line. It is lightweight in comparison to other AVEDA styling products, so it won’t weigh the hair down. It is versatile, in the sense that it does not need heat like the other styling products to work. For example, the Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener and the Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight Products are heat activated, BUT the Styling Creme can be put on damp hair and be left on the hair to air dry. However, if you wanted to blow dry after putting it on, the Styling Creme will still do the job and keep your hair looking smooth and frizz free throughout the day!

PLEASE NOTE tho, that this is not for straightening hair. The Smooth Infusion line has other products for that. The Styling Creme is mainly for combating frizz and for moisturizing the hair.

SOOOO if you want smooth hair with natural movement while fighting frizz, THEENNN this is the product for yah! 😉

Stop by our salon for more info and a free sample (while supplies last)

Happy Good Hair Days Everyone!



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