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Aveda’s Sublime Spirit Color Inspiration: Sienna Silk

Another color trend this fall is soft highlights!

Check out April’s take on this color!

This client came to April for some corrective color and April was able fix her color to give her soft highlights!

April14April16This curly hair client also came in to see April for some corrective color, and April was able to give her a soft chocolate color with subtle highlights. No more brassy red undertones!

April gave this client soft chocolate highlights and a beautiful long haircut!April15

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Aveda’s Sublime Spirit Color Inspiration: Copper Mozaic

Another color inspiration for this fall is a beautiful shade of copper!

Check out these beautiful shades of copper by April!



Our stylist Sandra customized her color for a dark to light effect with copper tones, just like leaves in the fall


Come on in and get a personalized color shade just for you and be inspired to try a new hair color look for this Autumn! 


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Aveda’s Sublime Spirit Color Inspiration: Rose Velvet

Aveda came out with their Fall/Winter color schemes and so far our stylists have definitely been inspired by the beautiful shades trending this fall!

This beautiful baby pink hair color was done by our stylist, Sandra



Another beautiful Rose Velvet inspired shade. The above picture is the same color but different lighting and she gets a Salmon Peachy Pink and a Mauve color.

This Rosy Peach color was done by our Stylist, Jessica.



Also, another rose velvet inspired color. This color is more bright and more pigmented. There’s all types of pink shades, so come on in if you want some Rose Velvet inspired hair color! Our stylists will make sure to customize a color just for you!

*FUN TIPS!* Conserving pink shades can be really tough, so next time you are in the salon, make sure to grab Aveda’s Madder Root Color Conditioner. The pink pigments will be deposited into the hair for those in between sessions to enhance the color. On the other side we have AVEDA’S NEW DRY SHAMPOO. Use the dry shampoo on your non washing days to help the color last a bit longer.ConservePink

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