Back to Basics Haircare

Back to school, back to basics,                                                                                               what hair cleansing mistakes are you making?!

Think about this….

A client has a dry, itchy, and irritated scalp, but has hair strands with little damage as she doesn’t color her hair often and she uses the appropriate heat protectant products when needed. Currently she is using a shampoo that has rosemary mint as the main ingredient because her actual hair strands are in great condition, so she believes she can use any type of shampoo, even though she is still experiencing problems with her scalp. She comes in for a consultation and discovers that although the shampoo she is currently using is a great shampoo, it is not the right one for her in particular. The shampoo she is currently using turns out to be too invigorating for her scalp, and she also discovers that her current shampoo is  meant for a normal to oily scalp, opposite conditions to what she has. The client is recommended to buy a shampoo with moisturizing agents to help nourish the scalp and to help calm the irritation. Weeks after using the recommended shampoo she notices that her scalp is less itchy, less irritated, and less flaky.

Using the wrong shampoo and conditioner for your scalp/hair type is one of several common mistakes that happen all too often. Now, for the most part we tend to think shampoo is shampoo, and yes,they’re all meant to ultimately cleanse the hair, but they are not all made the same for just one type of head. Today, we have an abundance of customized shampoos for practically all hair types. With such variety, so many questions instantly prompt up. Which one is right for me? How often should I even be shampooing? Should I even use conditioner? Two in one? Three in one?!…Our haircare routine should not be this complicated, nor do we want it to be! But we’re not all hairdressers, and what may seem obvious to them is not necessarily always obvious to us.

So for this post, we are taking it back to the first step in our haircare routine, shampoos and conditioners. Today, we are asking two of our awesome stylists for their input on some basic hair cleansing info that is often overlooked!

  • Our amazing stylist, Sandra, says she notices that too often people shampoo too much or everyday and overlook investing in a quality conditioner. As our hair grows out the more damaged it becomes due to chemical processes, styling tools, and every day environmental elements like the hot sun, dry winds, or breakage from combing. Basically the longer our hair grows the older it is and the more nourishment it needs to remain healthy, hence why investing in a quality conditioner is key!
  • Another overlooked haircare routine is changing up our shampoo and conditioner as the season changes or as we change our hair. For example, Sandra suggests using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner during the dry winter months and switching to a hair repairing shampoo and conditioner during the summer after getting your summer highlights done!
  • Barb, the owner, says she notices that too often the products are overused and even misused because they are applied incorrectly. Most of the time we pour out more than we need and just plop it on our head, and then we wonder why it weighed our hair down. She recommends slowing down and being aware of what you’re doing. Start out with a little bit because salon products are more concentrated. Start at the back of the head where it is the thickest and work your way to the front. If you feel like you need more you can always put on a little more. This will help you prevent product waste and can even prevent your hair from feeling weighed down.


Using the incorrect shampoo and conditioner for our hair type

Shampooing too often

Not investing in a good quality conditioner

Not changing our routine as the season changes/hair changes

Overuse of product

Incorrect application

If you have a great haircare routine that works for you, awesome! but if not, have you been making any of these common mistakes?!

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