New Year Skincare Tips!

Welcome to a new year wonderful people!

A year full of opportunities, changes, growth, potential, upgrades, letting go, and so much more. Letting go can be a positive thing, such as letting go of bad habits!!! and moving towards a more balanced life ­čÖé Often times we start out the year with many┬áresolutions in mind and things somehow always seem way easier said than done. Although we might not have the answer to all your wonderful new goals this year, we sure can offer some easy to follow tips to get you off on the right food and build some success on the way!

If your resolution this year is to take better care of yourself, then choose some of the following to add a little self care this year! They’re simple solutions that can be incorporated into your everyday routine!

For your morning routine, we suggest starting your day off with AVEDA’s Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual Kit. The brush helps exfoliate the face by dusting off dry and dead surface skin cells and it helps to bring blood circulation to the face. Follow with the 100% certified organic face oil to help melt away any morning face tensions. Let the wonderful benefits of the oil melt into your skin while you take a sip of your favorite morning drink. After 5 minutes, simply wash away with face wash and continue with your regular skincare routine.

For your nighttime routine, we suggest ending the night with some beauty sleep helpers! Try AVEDA’s Wedding overnight face and overnight eye mask to help you wake up to beautiful “wedding day” skin!┬á

Consistency and taking care of your skin now while taking preventative measures is key to aging well with great skin!

Make sure to follow the following tips for skin that looks great throughout the years!

Just a friendly reminder to all….Fandango does complimentary skincare consultations to help you find solutions to any skincare needs that you might have! Wether that’s a question about what a toner does to how to use AVEDA’s new Tulasara skincare products. Our skin and hair have different needs as we age, so it’s always good to check in with yourself and see if any upgrades/changes/add ons need to be made!

Come in to experience the power of plants and flowers on your skin! Just walk in and ask us about our skincare products or call to schedule a complimentary consultation!

LAST but not LEAST, if your’e just trying to be more eco-conscious with all your products then…..

**Don’t forget that AVEDA’s products are:**

Eco-Friendly: They produce a lot of their products from recycled materials and use wind power at their main site to produce the products

Humane: They never test on animals

Vegan: The products contain plant and flower derived ingredients

Concentrated: The products are never watered down, so a little goes a long way with their products

Quality ingredients: They do not use petrochemicals


Our resolutions to be better to ourselves, others, and the world around us don’t have to be complicated. Simple steps here and there add on over time, so start small and build success ass you go!


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