Radiant Awakening Ritual


AND here it is folks! If you have been following the recent posts, then we want to welcome you to one of the great new additions to AVEDA’s skincare line.

So what is it?!

It is a 2 step morning ritual to bring out your natural radiance!

So how does it do that?

First, the facial dry brush helps exfoliate the face to bring about a more smooth and refined complexion. The circular motions that you do while you dry brush, help stimulate blood flow to the face as well. The brush is made with ultra-soft nylon bristles and it fits in the palm of the hand for great control. You want to start at/near the décolleté area and work your way up towards the face. You will use the dry brush in an outward and upward circular motion from the middle of the face and work your way out. You will continue to do this on the other side. After a minute or two of gentle exfoliation, the face is now prepped to receive some nourishment.

You do not need to wash your brush everyday. You wash your brush once a month with a gentle cleanser and let air dry.

Second, you will follow by emulsifying 4 pumps of the Oleation Oil into your hands. Working in a back and forth motion from your décolleté to your forehead, you will smell a wonderful light aroma of organic rose, jasmine, and geranium. The Oleation Oil is 100% certified organic. It contains a blend of Rose Hip, Apricot Kernel, Sunflower, Jojoba, Sesame, and Sweet Almond Oil. According to AVEDA, this blend creates a “luxurious feel and slip for effortless self-massage”. This blend will help nourish the skin after exfoliation. Let it sit for at least 4 min, while you go prep some coffee, brush your teeth, read a book, etc. Follow with your normal skincare routine.

So when do you use it?

This is meant to be used in the morning upon wakening. Before you wash your face. Daily use.

Why should I use it?

It’s a great way to start your day by bringing out your natural radiance, and helping your skin restore its balance!


Available at Fandango for $89

If you are  a pure privilege member this counts as 2 skincare items and you are eligible for an additional 500 points!

If you want to experience AVEDA’s Radiant Awakening ritual, then come in this month for a free hand facial, where we take you through the steps and show you how to use it!

Thanks for tuning in and keep following for details on our next product review, Tulasara Concentrates!

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3 Tips For Reserving Weekend Appointments


And now….a quick public service announcement…

The Holidays will be approaching us soon, and we want to make sure our lovely clients are being accommodated for their preferred time slots. We are open Tuesday-Sunday. On Sunday, it is by appointment only. Since weekends are highly requested, Fandango has 3 quick tips for getting in:

  1. Call in 1 or 2 weeks in advance to check for weekend availability
  2. Our stylists have varying schedules so please call in first to find out about their availability, most specially if its for the weekend or evenings.
  3. Pre-book your next appointment to ensure you reserve your preferred time slot.


For one less bad hair day, we recommend that you follow these 3 tips! 🙂


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September Specials


Hey everyone this month we are featuring our skincare line, so take advantage of this month’s specials for some great deals!

  1. If you are enrolled in AVEDA’s rewards program, then this month you receive an additional 500 points on top of the points that you will receive from your 2 skincare purchases. Don’t forget that you can then redeem your points for more rewards like hair services at our salon, product, and even a spa trip! If you are not already enrolled, then check out this link to see what you could have already gotten!! http://fandangosalon.com/pureprivilege/ It is a one time enrollment fee of $10 but great benefits come with it!
  2. We still have exclusive summer shades and lip colors that you can get your hands on! Create a new look or just come in and take advantage on some makeup! This month, when you purchase one summer makeup item, choose another summer makeup item to take home with you! It’s a great way to try new looks at a fraction of the cost 😀
  3. As mentioned in the previous post, Fandango now carries TULASARA skincare! Come in for a complimentary hand facial to experience the great benefits of facial dry brushing, facial oil massage, and potent concentrates created by the power of flowers and plants to help bring back your skin to balance.


Thanks for checking in and tune in for the next post where we will be going into details about AVEDA’s “Awakening Ritual” !!!! 😀

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“Tulasara: Moving Towards Balance”

What’s new this month?!!!

Well lovely people, Fandango now carries AVEDA’s newest addition to their skincare system! We want to introduce you to TULASARA! If you we’re not already aware of what Fandango has to offer besides helping you look fabulous with your hair, then check out the upcoming posts for some great product reviews and specials! skincareFandango has a full range of products to help address some of your skincare concerns! We have cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers, eye creams, masks, high potent concentrates, and even a sunscreen made from the power of plants and flowers to help nourish and balance your skin. With such and extensive line, there are several options to help address/prevent some of the concerns we deal with on a daily basis!

AVEDA has updated their skincare line to be customizable to your needs and to be easily integrated into everyday life. If you haven’t noticed already, usually skincare lines come in bundles that you have to use in conjunction with each other and if they’re not used together, it is likely that you won’t achieve the results you are looking for. With these new products, you can keep your normal skincare routine and add these potent concentrates to help treat several concerns. What is also unique to AVEDA’s skincare line, is their additions of dry brushing and a face massage oil to help exfoliate and bring out a natural glow to your skin!

Keep checking in the following weeks for more details on each of these new additions! You will find out how they work and how to use them as well as wonderful promotions and specials when you buy them! Here is a quick glimpse into TULASARA!

TulasaraIn the link below you will find a wonderful introduction on how to “awaken the glow within you” http://livingaveda.com/awaken-tulasara2/

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Special Delivery!


Thanks to Donorschoose.org and the amazing people who helped fund Mr.Cox’s project, “The Martian Comes to East Los Angeles!”, the students in his program will be receiving their books to get them off on a great start this school  year! Congratulations Mr.Cox and cheers to you on helping your students become scientifically literate!

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“The Martian Comes to East Los Angeles!”



Hey Everyone!

Help support the new incoming science, tech, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students of Lincoln High School taught by Barb’s Husband, Allen Cox!  His goal is to prepare “students to be scientifically literate members of the community” and he wants to encourage his students to pursue STEM careers! He wants to start them off by reading Andy Weir’s, The Martian, book. The total cost to purchase these books for his students is around $465. So far about $340 have been donated, so help him reach his goal and lets get these students off on a good start this fall!

Click the link for all the action! —>The Martian Comes to East Los Angeles!

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