Tulasara Calm Concentrate


So here is the first of three concentrates, Tulasara Calm! According to AVEDA these concentrates have been designed to “help accelerate the skin’s natural ability to restore itself.”

Targeted Group: Those who want a facial treatment product that is naturally derived with high performance who want to get rid of irritation and physical redness


  • Instantly calms and soothes
  • Hydrates
  • Reduces visible redness over time
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Non-acnegeic


So what causes all this irritation, sensitivity, and redness?!!

  • genetics
  • environmental exposure
  • excess heat
  • excess cold
  • smoke
  • pollution
  • lifestyle
  • diet
  • stress


All these factors can lead to inflation, and therefore compromising your lovely skin’s barrier. When the skin has been compromised, too much water is let out and hence loss of hydration. This also allows for irritants to have too much access to the internal parts of your skin, which can lead to irritation.

So, to help restore your skin back to balance, Tulasara Calm will:

  • strengthen
  • protect
  • soothe


By using Tulsara Calm, the skin’s protective barrier will be strengthened and will be restored over time to help improve its resilience.

ANNNDDDD why do we want resilience?!

One, it will help keep moisture in to help keep the skin healthy because hydration is important for restoration.

Two, it will help keep irritants out or not have them permeate your skin as easily.

Some of the key ingredients, if you really must know…..

  • Red Marine Algea- soothing and calming effect
  • Pomegranate- anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflamatory
  • Caffeine- anti-irritant and helps take up water to maintain hydration
  • Ginger- helps soothe and it has anti-oxidant properties
  • Red Raspberry Stem Cells- nourishing and restorative properties and anti-oxidant effect


*Side note….the Red Raspberry Stem Cells are the master cells of the plant that allow it to respond to its environment by providing to the plant anytime it needs something. This is how plants regenerate after being budded. This is also why plants will start growing after being cut and put in water, the stem cells are responding to its environment.*

AROMA: A blend of certified organic Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Neroli.

Calm Aroma

AND NOW….some reviews on what people thought about Tulasara Calm from the AVEDA website! 

5 / 5
SEPTEMBER 25, 2016


Pure Privilege memberNo
I received a free trial of this product 
Age 25 to 34
Hair type fine
Skin type sensitive
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I was really skeptical because of the price and the amount of product so I first just tried a sample. And after using it one day.. WOW. I have oily/sensitive skin and some acne with acne marks and it soothed everything. The more I used it, the better my skin looked and felt. I am now planning on going back to Aveda to buy one because I am so impressed. 
Yes, I recommend this product.
5 / 5
Miracle worker
SEPTEMBER 17, 2016


Choosing Aveda Since 1997
From:Houston, TX, USA
Pure Privilege memberYes
I received a free trial of this product 
Gender Female
Age 25 to 34
Hair type medium
Skin type normal
Hair concern volume
I am an Aveda customer
My favorite thing to do for the Earth buy organic/local
 After the first use, I could definitely tell a difference in my skin. My complexion looked more uniform and my pores actually appeared smaller. Smells great and feels so good on irritated skin. 
This product is best for:All skin types
Yes, I recommend this product.
5 / 5
AUGUST 12, 2016


 This oil is fantastic…I was worried because my skin tends to get oily so adding more oil seemed wrong,but omg does this oil make a difference in my face!! Its getting rid of the redness and actually has my face calming looking…love it!!! 
Yes, I recommend this product.


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