Tulasara Skin Concentrates


Hello wonderful people!

Who is ready for some more plant and flower power to help nourish your lovely faces?!!!!

In the previous posts, we introduced the Radiant Awakening Ritual that you can do at home in the mornings to help exfoliate dead surface skin cells and to help nourish your skin with a blend of six 100% certified organic oils, to help reveal a natural glow to your complexion.

Now, we are following up with these powerful concentrates.

So what are they?

Well they are not face cleansers, or lotions, or masques. According to AVEDA, Tulasara  concentrates are treatment serums formulated to help target several concerns in order to help “accelerate the skins natural ability to restore and rehydrate itself”

Who are these for?

This is for anyone trying to significantly increase their skin regime’s results/potency. The concentrates have three targeted formulas-Calm, Bright, and Firm. From the names you can get and idea of what each one has to offer. We will be going into further details in upcoming posts about each of the three concentrates.

How do you use it?

It is to be used after you cleanse your face, before you moisturize. It can be done up to two times a day, morning and night, and the more it is used, the greater the effects.

You are always welcomed to come in and experience these wonderful serums to see what they can do for you! Don’t forget it’s still September and we are doing free mini hand facials to help you experience Tulasara Skincare!

Stay tuned!

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